About Us

Are you looking for a quality Chinese restaurant nearby? Where you can eat top notch Chow Mein and Gong Bao Chicken? Do not want to spend a fortune on good Chinese food? Then look no further as Ark Chinese Restaurant offers the very best Chinese food in town. We have a vast menu of typical and well-prepared Chinese dishes that will leave you licking your fingers. From duck to chicken, from meat to pork, the magic in our chef's hands will make you try every dish on our menu. Our distinct taste is what makes our food delicious, hence, making us one of the best Chinese restaurants around. Try us once and we guarantee that you would come back to us again and again.

Why Us?

While there are many Chinese restaurants in the city, not everyone has a menu as extensive as ours. We have everything that you can think of. A comprehensive list of starters, an amazing number of main course meals and a complete menu of desserts. We also offer quality drinks with our food, so that our spicy food would not leave you and your tongue sizzled.

It is true that every chef uses the same recipe for a certain dish. From one part of the world to the other, every cook knows the essence that needs to be combined to bring the best of Chinese cuisine for their customers. Yet the taste of every restaurant is different, the main reason is the experience and taste in the style of cooking of the chef. Our chefs use only the best and top quality spices, meat, vegetables and other ingredients to leave your taste buds wanting more. Their cooking style is also very unique. Their experience and skills blend into forming the ideal menu for your liking. There is absolutely nothing in the menu that you would not like and we make sure that there is something for everyone. If you have arrived at Ark to taste the most remarkable Chinese food, then that is what you would exactly get. We will not leave you unsatisfied neither would we be willing to comprise on the taste ever.

We have set very high standards for ourselves and we are always looking to up the benchmark. Our founders had formulated a culture of customers-first' and not settling for anything but the best, and we aim to follow their footsteps. Our high standards include providing a clean and hygienic environment for the customers to eat in. Our kitchens are always in an immaculate condition, hence, the quality is reflected in our working environment. Moreover, we have always wanted to bring in better dishes and therefore, our menu is frequently upgraded. In order to reach the very top, we constantly update our menu with great new dishes and eliminate the ones that are not up to the caliber of our restaurant or are not appreciated by our customers. We are also very focused on giving you the best customer service. The reason why our employees and managers are eager to bring an incredible array of services is because we are competing to become the number one restaurant in the city. And to be the best in our field, we need to make sure that every single aspect of our restaurant is in perfect condition. It has also been our aim to not only serve and make new customers but also retain them. Likewise, we have always made sure that our customers are satisfied and are willing to come back to us for more.

Our biggest advertisement has been word of mouth and that is the main reason we focus on delivering the best and our utmost every time a customer walks into our restaurant.

Our Distinct Features

Apart from the fact that we are one of the renowned Chinese outlets in Alameda, we have food for everyone. We allow our valuable customers to choose from a range of appetizers that includes items such as pancakes, dumplings, rolls, soups, etc. Even if you are heading to the Ark for a short meeting, we would be pleased to let you enjoy the hottest soup around. We have a range of delicious and mouthwatering soups such as Wor Ton to Hot and Sour to Chicken Corn and much more. If you want more than just an appetizer, then we are willing to let you choose from a variety of beef, lamb, seafood, vegetarian and baked rice dished. We, at Ark, are eager to serve you with everything that you could dream of. Our assortment of dishes in every category are not only tasty but very reasonable as well. We do not want you to break your bank when visiting our restaurant, therefore, we are priced every item economically. So, you can come to our place with friends, family, for an office meeting and even on a date, you would not leave disappointed. We make sure that none of our esteemed clients ever leave our place without receiving their value for money.

If you are coming over to the Ark with family or at our special lunch time, then we have special cuisine deals for you. If you have decided to pay us a visit during your busy hours, then it is our duty to offer you better deals. If you are willing to satisfy your hunger during the tough office hours, then we have over 10 meals for you to select from. With Lemon Chicken or Rice to Beef with Tofu over Rice to Prawns over Rice, you can choose from our diverse menu. And when you want quality time out with your family at the weekend or want to celebrate an occasion with your loved ones then do not forget to include Ark in your celebrations. We have always been there for you and would like to stay by your side during the moments you cherish. So, come rejoice with our family dinner meals for two. You can choose any type of service that would make you and your occasion a better one.

That is not enough, we have a list of Chow Fun which includes special rice dishes that are not only different but extremely delightful.